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Talu Card Limited Disclaimer

Talu Card Limited is currently in the development phase and does not offer any regulated financial services or engage in any regulated activities. The content shared on this website is solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation or offer to avail of any financial services.

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of TaluCard, slated for Q3 of 2024. In partnership with Blukite Finance Limited, we are committed to delivering revolutionary solutions in digital payments with a strong emphasis on enhancing accessibility. TaluCard represents our dedication to innovation, aiming to make financial services more accessible to everyone. Terms and conditions apply.

Please be advised that all information pertaining to the services, features, and offerings of TaluCard is provisional and may undergo changes as we approach our launch date. We are dedicated to providing our stakeholders and the general public with precise and up-to-date information as it becomes available.




Visually impaired individuals face significant challenges with current payment systems, often leading to security risks and potential fraud.

Global Vision Impairment


people globally have some form of vision impairment.

uk Vision Impairment


people have some form of visual impairment.



are registered as legally blind in the UK.

uk completely blind


individuals are classified as completely blind.


Tactile Guidance Markers (TGM)

Ensure accurate placement of fingers on sensors, enhancing usability and accessibility. TGMs reduce errors and promote muscle memory development.

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Biometric Security

Fingerprint authentication eliminates the need for PINs, reducing fraud risks.

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Visual Impaired Access

Provides private, secure, and discreet transaction information, improving overall security and accessibility.

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Compliance & Future


TaluCard represents a significant advancement in accessible, secure, and inclusive payment solutions, with a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance and innovative technology. By addressing the unique needs of visually impaired individuals and ensuring robust security measures, TaluCard is poised to make a lasting impact in the financial sector.

Regulatory Compliance

PSD II Compliance: TaluCard meets the stringent security requirements of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD II), ensuring secure transactions through biometric authentication.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): Enhances fraud reduction and transaction security.

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Governance & Sustainability

Sustainable Growth: Aligning with UK and European governance targets for sustainable and inclusive growth in financial services.

Reduction in Plastic Waste: The digital-first approach of TaluE™ cards reduces plastic waste, contributing to environmental sustainability.

2025 Sustainability Targets: Talu aims to be at the forefront of accessible and sustainable payment solutions by 2025, focusing on inclusivity and digital accessibility.

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Proof of Concept

Pilot Project: Involving 1,000 accounts/ cards to demonstrate the practical implementation and benefits of Talu’s payment solutions.

User Feedback: Critical in refining product features to meet customer expectations.

ontinuous Improvements: CContinuous improvements in biometric authentication and contactless payment capabilities.

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B2B SaaS Solution

Flexible Issuance: Talu offers both debit and credit card options, integrating seamlessly with existing banking systems.

API Integration: Facilitates easy integration with various banking platforms, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Financial Institution Control: Talu provides financial institutions with the option to issue and control Talu cards under their own branding and regulations.

Hosted Solutions: Financial institutions can opt for Talu to host the regulatory and operational aspects of the card issuance.

Customisable Solutions: Talu’s licensing model is highly customisable.

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Future Initiatives

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy: Focusing on protecting user information and complying with future regulatory requirements.

Innovative and Compliant Solutions: Talu aims to set new standards in accessibility, security, and consumer satisfaction in the payment industry.

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Shaping the Future of Accessible Payments

VisionTouch Initiative

At TaluCard, we are committed to revolutionising the payment experience for all users, particularly those with visual impairments. To ensure our solutions are effective and meet real-world needs, we are launching an exciting initiative called VisionTouch Initiative. This Proof of Concept will play a crucial role in the development and refinement of our innovative TaluTouch™ biometric payment cards and TaluE™ virtual cards.

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What is VisionTouch Initiative?

VisionTouch Initiative is a pilot programme designed to demonstrate the practical implementation and benefits of TaluCard’s inclusive payment solutions. The project involves 1,000 selected participants who will use both our TaluTouch™ biometric payment cards and TaluE™ virtual cards in their daily transactions.

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Through this initiative, we aim to:

Validate Usability: Test the user-friendliness and accessibility features of our products.

Gather Feedback: Collect valuable insights and suggestions from participants to enhance product features and performance.

Showcase Security: Demonstrate the enhanced security measures provided by our biometric authentication technology.

Validate Usability: Highlight the benefits of accessible payment solutions for visually impaired users.

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Why Get Involved?

By participating in the VisionTouch Initiative, you will:

Contribute to Innovation: Play a key role in shaping the future of accessible payment solutions.

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Influence Product Development: Provide feedback that directly impacts the design and functionality of our products.

Embrace Cutting-Edge Technology: Be among the first to use state-of- the-art biometric and contactless payment systems.


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How to Get Involved

We are looking for enthusiastic participants who are willing to test our products and provide feedback. If you are interested in joining the VisionTouch Initiative and becoming a part of this groundbreaking programme, please contact us:

Samantha Morgan

Director of Market Introduction

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